Commercial Plumbing Florence Sc

Do you have a clogged drain, leaky faucet, or toilet in your commercial property? This is a serious issue and needs immediate action. This is a task that needs to be addressed by a professional. We are professional commercial plumbers in Florence SC and we provide reliable plumbing services. Whenever you have a plumbing emergency, you cannot afford to stay calm as this could spell a great disaster. We are always ready and available to deal with all the plumbing problems that you may encounter.

Turn to us if you are looking for professional plumbing services. We offer a wide selection of plumbing services for all our clients. Our technicians are highly trained and our plumbing services extend to schools, hospitals, corporate offices, restaurants, and so many other local businesses. Whatever plumbing issues that you may be having, you can count on us for installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Commercial Water Heaters

When you have a commercial water heater, you should ensure that it is always working efficiently. Our plumbing contractors in Florence SC will be available when you need them. Give us a call whether you need to install, repair, or even replace your water heater. We offer professional services at affordable rates. We have the skills to handle gas, electricity and any other type of water heater. Call us today for all plumbing issues that relate to water heaters.

Commercial Plumbing


Drains are integral to the proper functioning of your plumbing systems. When you have a problem with the drains, it can be quite an inconvenience for your tenants or even customers. You do not want to have drain backing up in your system. We have modern equipment, which we will use to detect the clog in the drains and restore it. We have cameras that we will use for inspection and ensure that your pipes are clean and free of any debris. Our plumbing is of high quality and guaranteed to give the best results.

Commercial Plumbing


If you have damaged faucets in your commercial business, do not wait any longer. Call Affordable Plumbing & Electric. We will fix the issue quickly.

A leaky faucet can easily cause water damage to your property and you do not want this. Professional help is essential and we are here for you to give you the right service. We will use our expertise to detect the problem with your faucets and fix it right away.


Toilets in commercial properties are useful and serve so many people. Whenever there is a problem with your toilets, our professional plumbing contractors Florence SC will be ready to repair and replace the toilets.

We offer our services at affordable prices and we will be glad to make your environment conducive. Call us today and prevent more serious problems that are caused by faulty toilets.

sink in a commercial business

Commercial Plumbing Services in Florence, SC

Commercial plumbing is a task that is sensitive and needs to be handled by skilled professionals. This is the only way that you can salvage your property. Give us a call today for all your commercial plumbing needs.