5 Common Plumbing Leaks In The Home

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Maybe you have noticed that your water bill has been higher than usual, though you are careful not to wastewater. There are some potential leaks in your home that could be causing an increase in your water bill. Therefore, we address 5 common plumbing leaks in the home.

1. Some drains may be experiencing leaks around them

Bathtubs are not always free of leaks. The drain of the tub can possess a weak spot, which means that water can leak out. Also, it is realized that the pipe that is located immediately under the drain can be a key area that leaks a well. These leaks can be the culprits of severe damage as leaks progress to a worse state.

A sure way to detect such a leak is when you notice some discoloration on the ceiling of the room that is situated under the tub. This is a form of water damage from the leak. Another sign of a leak is when the edge of the flooring near the tub seems to be lifting up. In such cases, you need to contact your plumber to address the issue.

2. Your water heater may be leaking.

It is a good idea to engage in inspecting your water heater tank from time to time in order to see if there are any leaks. Because the water heater contains large levels of water each day and because the water heater also experience shifts in regard to its temperature, these factors can contribute to the decay of the seal. This then can result in a leak.

The pressure relief valve of the water heater is a troublesome spot. If you hear hissing, this can be the cause of the leak. You should call the plumber.

3. Faucets can leak.

Many people may not consider a faucet that drips to be a type of leak. But because water is escaping from the faucet when this should not be the case, this means that water is being wasted. This can lead to a high water bill.

Normally, it is a simple job to address the dripping faucet by putting a new washer below the handle of the faucet But there may be other reasons why the faucet is dripping, which will need to be addressed. If you are not handy yourself, you should contact a plumber to address the issue.

4. The dishwasher can be a source of leakage.

Dishwashers are considered to be plumbing fixtures that are rather intricate. It is not normal for your dishwasher to produce puddles around itself or underneath itself. Some possible sources of leaks in regard to your dishwasher may be a problem with the drain, a hose that is leaking or a seal that is cracked or weak. There also could be other issues that are contributing to the leak.

Regardless of the source of the leak, the issue must be addressed quickly, as leak problems from dishwashers usually get worse rather rapidly. They actually use more water than one may think. which is why leaks from dishwashers can be serious.

5. Toilets can produce serious leaks.

A toilet that is leaking can really run up your water bill even more than a faucet that is leaking. Also, when a toilet is leaking, there can be damage to a ceiling below the toilet, to woodwork as well as to the flooring. That is why you must address the issue quickly, even in cases when there is frequent clogging of the toilet.

When the toilet is running, the flapper tube, the float or the fill tube may be having some trouble. Some may try to repair those issues on their own. But if there is some water dripping from the toilet, you need to get a plumber to fix the problem in order to prevent extensive damage to your home. Call Affordable Plumbing & Electric for all your needs.